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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All things are going according to plans, despite the weather.

Snow. SNow. SNOw. SNOW.

I'm getting tired of digging out, as I'm sure much of the eastern part of the country is. But despite the slowing down of commerce and the world as we know it, things are still progressing towards an opening in March.

I did tumble down our front steps yesterday, so that has physically slowed me down. But that just means more time to sit and crochet and plan. I just have to sit on a pillow for a few days while I sit infront of the computer.

My father-in-law had some items I was looking for to display the yarns. No big surprise there, if you ever get to see his garage/workshop, you would understand. One could probably find many needed things in there! I just had to remember to ask.

I have yet to meet up, physically, with the landlord of the new space. Snow keeps getting in the way. But maybe tonight!

Continue to stay tuned.

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