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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday at the Markethouse

Saturday was a busy day at the Markethouse on Main. Although it looked like rain, the day remained muggy and grey. That didn't stop us! We (myself and 2 other shop keepers) decided that today was day to clean up the flowerbeds and mow the lawn. Thanks to Frank, our fearless, unpaid and unacknowledged maintenance man, the lawn was mowed and trimmed and the beds weeded. I was going to help, but after my customers left and I made it back outside, he was just about done!

As always, there was no one at the Markethouse when we started the project...and then there were people in all the shops! We'll take it, but poor Frank did all the work. He's a good sport. Frank's wife owns The Hidden Nest, and poor Frank gets talked into all sorts of repairs and projects around the Markethouse. He did have the help of 2 of his grand kids yesterday. They were small enough to send in behind the shrubs and pull the giant weeds! They thought it was great fun. It's always fun when you can make kids think work is a game. It makes it more fun for the adults too.

We also ate watermelon on the porch (yummy!) and waved to passing friends in their cars at the intersection.

Honestly, our front porch is a fun place to spend a few hours. If you have a project your working on, bring it on down and join us on the porch. It gets noisy sometimes, because of the auto traffic, but it's still a nice place to sit.

Don't forget to stop by and order your Farmhouse Yarns. I'll be ordering at the end of June, so find a project and pick your yarns!

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