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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, yes I'm open...

Well, today, Wednesday the 2nd, DYNT is open. However, should you stop by in the late afternoon, the shop will be closed. It's only temporary, and if you need me to open up, not a problem. I'll be 1 block north, at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Come in around the back and find me (or call the church office) and I'll head over to the shop and open up.

The Hopkins 4K 4 Cancer kids are rolling through town this evening and I'm going to be helping with the dinner preparations. The 4K 4 Cancer is a fundraising bike ride across the country. The (mostly) college aged riders stop over each night in a different community. Tonight is Butler. They stay at Westminster, shower at the YMCA and give a presentation in the evening about why they ride. Most of them have had a personal experience with cancer, sometimes, it's even their own battle!

My hubby, the local "bike guy" will be there with a few friends. He spends the evening tuning up their bikes and helping with any riding issues they may have encountered.

This year, there are a few dietary issues, i.e. allergies, intolerances, and celiac. That's where I come in to the picture. Having multiple food issues myself, I'm familiar with some of the requirements.

So, if you do stop in at the shop, and it's locked up tight, don't despair! I'll be there as soon as I can to let you in... just let me know you're there!

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