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Monday, October 25, 2010

What a week...and it's only Monday.

DYNT will be closed this Wednesday & Thursday (Oct. 27 & 28th).
Sorry for any inconvenience. There's been a death in my family so I must travel to the services. DYNT will be open 10am - 2pm as normally scheduled on Friday and 10am - 4pm on Saturday. Stop by then if it fits your schedule.

My maternal grandfather passed away on Sunday. He had dementia and was stuck, in his head, sometime around 1990. We've all been waiting for this, I haven't really thought about him being "around" for some time now, but it's always the logistics of getting out there, seeing everyone, and rescheduling my daily life that makes you think about it...

I won't be able to attend the Taste of Home cooking show either. I'm sorry about that, I was looking forward to meeting all of you, and attending the Expo. Maybe next time.

Say tuned for more info about the shop, there's been a bunch of inventory arriving recently. I'll be sure to update you soon. As for now, I have to go make sure I've got a decent outfit for a funeral - one that packs well and still fits!

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