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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

A shipment of Lanaloft from Brown Sheep Yarns arrived late last week. I can't believe the colors! This is a gorgeous worsted weight, single ply yarn. I keep promising my hubby a sweater...I think I finally figured out what yarn I want to make it out of! The 16 colors are all monochromatic - which means the orange is a few shades of orange, and the blues are a few shades of blues. They don't really stripe, but they don't stay the same color either. I always enjoy using monochromatic yarns, I just like watching the colors morph from light to dark.
I also got in more sock yarn from Brown Sheep. Don't forget that they are on sale thru the end of June. Stock up now! I just need to learn to make socks now. I'm working on it, so please don't laugh at my first attempt.
Cruise-a-palooza is Sunday. DYNT will be open from 10am -2(ish). So even if you aren't a fan of car shows, come down to Main Street on Sunday. A few other shops will be open as well, like The Hidden Nest (downstairs). It might be a good time to check out some of the shops that you otherwise would drive or rush by and never stop in to see what they carry.

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