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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And so begins 2014.

Well, 2013 didn't really go out with a bang, more like a whimper...on a personal note, I've been sick off and on for the past 3, going on 4 weeks.  And yes, I've seen a doctor.  I had bronchitis as the year moved out, and am still fighting a sore throat and exceptional tiredness.  So 2014 hasn't been stellar so far...

I closed the shop today due to the unusually cold temperatures.  I also have a winter weather policy that states if both Senneca Valley and Butler school districts are closed, I will be too...but I didn't know what to do today; because the closures weren't due to snow, sleet, ice or hail.  It was a long debate with myself, as well as some discussion with my hubby and a few FB friends that made me decide to stay home.  

While I'm glad for the break today (Christmas isn't always the most relaxing time of the year for me), I do feel like I'm missing out on something by not being at the shop today.  I really like the routine of it, as well as the creativity you regularly share with me!  I hope I didn't miss many of you today, but rather that like me, you stayed somewhere warm and snugly.  
On that note, Saturday while at the shop finishing up my 2013 inventory, I started to think about the many things I want to bring to DYNT in 2014... But that requires moving some things out!  So through the end of January, or when supplies run out, which ever comes first, DYNT will be running a few sales:

Anything in the bargain bin is now 75% off!  
Select books and patterns will be 50% off!
Select buttons, shawl pins, and buckles will be 50% off!
Silk & Ivory embroidery thread is 50% off the already discounted price!
Seedling and Sprout cotton yarns are 30% off!

This is only while supplies last and no special orders will be taken for sale items.

I really want to ramp up the American made selections!  I'm already thinking of a few new lines and which current lines need "filled out".  

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